Hi, I'm Laure [lɔː]  (aka Tikimedia).
I'm a Web & Graphic Designer
I have always been passionate about computers and new technologies. However, I have an unusual career.
I started with secretarial/accounting studies, but quickly I realised
that I really enjoy graphic and digital art, therefore I started to learn on my own and self-teach myself watching tutorials, lots of reading about photoshop, web design and much more.
I have been working in New Caledonia for 3 years, in different sectors.
In 2013, I did a course in graphic design that allowed me to develop and improve my knowledge of Photoshop,
as well as Illustrator & Indesign. At the same time, I taught myself on HTML,
CSS and Wordpress. 
Following this training, I started working in a communication agency as a freelancer. My thirst for learning always pushes me to do more, with projects to learn more languages, as JS, PHP and MySQL and new CMS (Prestashop, Drupal).
You can find out more about my career here.
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